Price SDS/SDR series supply and return linear slot diffusers offer high performance in a VAV outlet with 180° air pattern control and complete blank-off for true design flexibility. The crisp, clean lines of this linear slot diffuser are architecturally appealing and, with its extruded aluminum frames, it virtually blends into any ceiling system.A precisely shaped aerodynamic pattern controller provides a full 180° range of air pattern adjustment from vertical to a tight ceiling-hugging horizontal air pattern. The curved, aerodynamic shape of the pattern controller is essential in achieving an exceptionally tight horizontal ceiling pattern.Extruded aluminum frame construction ensures the dimensional precision of the diffuser.

  • Solid extruded aluminum border and frame construction
  • Modern architectural design; true flexibility of application
  • 180° air pattern adjustment and complete flow rate control with stable horizontal air pattern
  • No “lefts” or “rights” makes for simple specification and installation
  • Provision for three methods of air supply:
    • Air duct. Choose from linear, round, or rectangular
    • Diffuser plenum accessories. Choose from SDA and SDB. (SDA14, SDA2, SDB14, SDB2)
    • Pressurized ceiling plenum
  • Available in one through ten slots (one-piece construction), with three slot widths for low, medium and high capacity requirements
  • Joiner strips provide for continuous slots
  • Four end configurations available
  • Matching return SDR (supplied without pattern controllers)
  • Compatible with Armstrong® TechZone™ style ceilings (styles 18, 19 and 20)
  • Curved diffusers are offered in 1- and 2-slot models. Pattern controllers are factory set


Linha HVAC





1/2" (13) Slot Spacing SDS 50
3/4" (19) Slot Spacing SDS 75
1" (25) Slot Spacing SDS 100
1/2" (13) Slot Spacing SDR 50
3/4" (19) Slot Spacing SDR 75
1" (25) Slot Spacing SDR 100